Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gnomes and Construction Workers

My class had an INCREDIBLE model last month. He was a middle aged man with a big, white beard. His costumes were incredibly original. All three of them!

I worked in ink most of the time. It's getting a little easier now.
Just when I though it couldn't get any more fun, the model dressed as a lawn gnome! He had the big ears and everything. It was a real scream.


Ben said...

hello hello ms celia, how are you?
model drawings are like the meat in the burger...or the vegan patty... for animators.

Squirrel said...

Me and chris saw this model walking the halls of the animation studio that day and were totally confused who he was and where he came from... but now it all makes sense! I wish I was there for this figure drawing session, he really looks to be a unique model with those costumes and poses. Oh and excellent figure drawings by the way :)