Friday, January 2, 2009

I was a better artist in the 1983

I lost it down the road, but age 6 appears to have been my peak at drawing. Special thanks goes out to my mom, who saved my old drawings from age 4 and up.

Bob the Ferret, 1984
crayon on letter paper

Garfield, 1983
Ink on Newsprint

Doodles, 1983
Ink on Newsprint

As you can see, I new grew out of my cartoon animal phase. I wish I could see other artists' childhood drawings. Something special in our drawing disappears when we get older.


Amid said...

When were you not a great artist? Your ferret and Garfield drawings are pure cartooning goodness!

Kaukab Basheer said...

Aaaaw.. So lucky your parents saved these. Thanx for sharing them!